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Description: The Number of Broiler Chicken Farms The results of this survey until the survey day in the year 1399 show that there were 20520 chicken farms raising broiler chicken in the country out of which a number of 16452 chicken farms were active and 4068 units were inactive. The provinces of Mazandaran, Esfahan and Khorasan-e-Razavi had the highest numb... More »
Description: Number and capacity of  the nation's modern cattle farms According to the results of the modern cattle farms survey conducted in the year 1389, the total number of modern cattle farms was 27000 units with the capacity of 3.7 million heads of cattle. Out of this number, 17,000 modern cattle farms with the capacity of 2.4 millio... More »
Description: . More »
Description: A Selection of Labour Force Survey Results: Winter 1399
Description: Summary Results of Time-Use Survey, Summer of the Year 1399