Programmes of the Statistical Centre of Iran to Celebrate National Statistics and Planning Day and World Statistics Day 2020






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Main topic of the  activities


Raising Statistical Awareness and Literacy

Saturday 17 Oct. 2020 Publishing   statistical papers  and  holding  interviews with the    mass  media

  On line Publishing  of a paper by Dr. Javad Hosseinzadeh (Head  of  the Statistical  Center of Iran(SCI) on  “Reasons &  Evidences on  Compatibility of Employment and Economic Growth Statistics in Iran”

  Interview with Dr. Javad Hosseinzadeh (Head of Statistical  Center of Iran(SCI) by the Dunya-y-e_ Eqtesad Newspaper  

  Creating a link  to  the analysis and notes sector  on   the National Statistics Portal to  facilitate  the exchange of ideas  and  opinions  among  the experts

2 Institutionalizing Register- based and Modern Statistical System Sunday 18 Oct. 2020 Provision   of  the requirements  of  modernization  of  the statistical system and register-based methodologies

  Releasing a report on the   position of National Statistical Organization in a modern statistical system, structures, features and operational approaches in Iran.

  Necessities and advantages  of  shifting  to  the  Register-based Census  Methodology

  Releasing a special issue of the SCI  newsletter on the occasion of National  Statistics and Planning Week


Statistics and Research

Monday 19 Oct. 2020 Holding a specialized panel   in the form of a webinar

  Holding a specialized webinar by the Statistical Research  and Training Centre on the role and importance of  the statistics in the  scientific researches  focusing on the  register –based  censuses and spatial data


Statistics and Media

Tuesday  20 Oct. 2020  Attendance of the SCI  officials in the media

  Holding a webinar by the Management and Planning Organization of Khuzestan Province to review the status of statistical surveys  with the  virtual presence of representatives of
 the  6 provinces and officials of the  the SCI

  Holding  a  webinar by the Statistics Department of the Faculty
 of Basic Sciences of Kurdistan University on the Modern  Official Statistics System in Iran

  Releasing   a report on the SCI  relations  with the mass media

  Telephone interview    with  the head of the SCI   by the Radio Javan ( The Young’s Radio) known as Salam Javan Irani  Radio  programme

  Paying visit by the Head of the SCI  to the  central office of  Jam-e- Jam Newspaper

5 Official  Statistics and Trust building Wednesday   21 Oct. 2020  Activities  of the  Statistical Centre  of Iran as  the Sole  Official Statistics  Authority   

  Holding a webinar by the  Isfahan Mathematics House on the subject of “Introducing Official Statistics” on the  occasion of National  Statistics and Planning Day

  Economic (live) talk on the topic of “ share of statistics in the economic management” (on the occasion of National   Statistics Day) – attended by the Head of the SCI  (Dr. Javad Hosseinzadeh)

6 Statistics and Planning


22 Oct. 2020  

Unveiling of the achievement of the SCI  on  Registers  of  Population of the Mobile Nomadic Population of  Iran

  Holding National Statistics and Planning Day Ceremony (mainly in the virtual meeting format) attended by a very limited number of participants and observing Covid-19 health protocols

  Unveiling ceremony of the  Registers of   the Mobile  Nomadic Population of  Iran

  Holding a webinar and a joint specialized meeting on the occasion of World Statistics Day and  National Statistics and Planning Day by the Iranian Statistical Society with  virtual  participation of  the  representatives  of  government agencies


History of Statistics and Planning Day


Statistics and information are some of the principal and essential parts of planning, decision-making, and evaluation of performances at different managerial levels. The policy-makers, planners, and experts need statistical data for developing strategies, policy-making, and determining policies, planning, monitoring, coordinating, and handling plans, and also economic activists require the statistics to identify the economic status and situation of the country. Moreover providing a vivid depiction from the past to present, prediction of the future situation, and eliminating existing weak points in different economic, social, and cultural sectors involve the availability of accurate, inclusive, and updated statistical data.

In general, statistical data are the most fundamental principle of planning, and planning, itself, is regarded as the most important characteristic of the management. Statistics and information, planning and management are three factors of development and the level of the countries’ development has a close relationship with the quality of the statistics and timeliness of the produced statistics.

Therefore, with respect to the importance of statistics at micro and micro levels, and the necessity of introducing statistics standing among the public and the authorizes and also raising  statistical literacy, awareness and culture throughout the society, The first of Aban[1] (22 October) was proclaimed Statistics and Planning Day. 

Proclaiming this special day in the first of Aban is due to the beginning of the implementation of the National Population and Housing Census on this date. Aiming at introducing this subject that the statistics “is the principle and base of planning, development, and advancement”, to the society, the Statistical Centre of Iran (SCI) has been carrying out many efforts up to now.

Since 1999, the SCI has celebrated this important Day by doing different activities such as holding an annual meeting on the occasion of Statistics and Planning Day annually as an approach for realizing objectives and strategies of the National Statistical System, shedding a light upon the significance of statistics role, informing managers of government agencies of the necessity of statistics in their planning and decision-making and raising of statistical literacy at different social levels.  Statistics Day is an opportunity for appreciating and commemorating the share of statistics science and statisticians in the development of society.

Approving the matter that production of statistics, reliable and timely indices and indicators on the development of the countries are necessary for well-informed decision-making on policy, and monitoring the implementation of development objectives, the UN General Assembly has designated October 20 as World Statistics Day with the theme of “Service, Professionalism and Honesty” which coincides with Statistics Day in Iran. Every five years, many countries and international and regional organizations celebrate World Statistics Day. Up to now, two rounds of this day have been celebrated (2010 & 2015). The theme of the 2015 World Statistics Day was “Better data, Better lives”. October 20, 2020, coinciding roughly with Aban, 1st, Statistics and Planning Day in Iran, is going to be celebrated with the theme of “Connecting the world with the statistics we can trust”.


[1] . The second Iranian autumn month