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Summary Report on the number of cattle and calves in nationwide livestock farms

According to the estimation made in the winter, the year 1400, the number of cattle and calves in the nationwide livestock farms was 5.6 milliohm head.

The results of the Survey on Measuring the Number and Quarterly Products of Large Livestock (cattle and calves) conducted in the month of Esfand of the year 1400 show that the number of cattle and calves in the nationwide livestock farms was 5.6 million head (including 1.3 million head of exotic cattle breed, 2.4 million head of hybrid cattle, and 1.9 million head of indigenous cattle).

According to the results of this Survey, milk produced in the nationwide livestock farms was about 2 million tons in the winter of the year 1400.

Other findings of this survey show that the number of fattened cattle and calves in the winter of the year 1400 was 439 thousand head and the number of calves born alive was 467 thousand head during the same period.

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. It is the Iranian year which usually begins on the day of 21 March of Gregorian calendar. To find the corresponding year of Gregorian calendar, add 621 or 622 (depending on the time of the year) to a solar Hijri year. For example, the corresponding year of the year 1400 in Gregorian calendar is (21 March 2021-20 March 2022).

2. Iranian months and their equivalent in Gregorian calendar

Farvardin (21 March-20 April)                                                                    Mehr (23 September-22 October)

Ordibehesht (21 April-21 May)                                                                  Aban (23 October-21 November)

Khordad (22 May-21 June)                                                                           Azar (22 November-21 December)

Tir (22 June-22 July)                                                                                       Dey (22 December-20 January)

Mordad (23 July-22 August)                                                                         Bahman (21 January-19 February)

Shahrivar (23 August-22 September)                                                         Esfand (20 February-20 March)

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